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Mahindra Max

Mahindra Max

Mahindra Max

Mahindra Max

Mahindra Max

Mahindra Max


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Mahindra Max Features



February 01, 2012

Mahindra USA is proud to announce the launch of one of the most revolutionary and game-changing line of Sub Compact tractors in the industry with the Mahindra Max 22 and Max 25. Just as exciting, the all-new Max 28 Mid-Compact tractor is here. Visit your dealer to test drive these small but powerful workhorses.


January 31, 2012

Tomorrow – Mahindra USA will launch the most revolutionary new Tractor series in the Sub-Compact tractor category. Mahindra Max will change the game and provide users a versatile, superior performing tractor that far exceeds the competition. Max owners can do more – mow, dig, pull, load and lift – with up to 15 attachments and implements to handle any task.

Max Value. Max Versatility. Max Maneuverability. Max Ease of Use. Max Weight & Stability. Max Lift Capacity. Max Hydraulic Capacity. Max Engine Life. Max Power Transfer for Implements.


January 30, 2012

The launch of the New Max tractors is a revolutionary undertaking and is poised to deliver Maximum Performance, Maneuverability and value with features that have never existed before in this category. We are excited to bring the Max to our customers and dealers to meet the necessary performance and capability needs. Learn more about the Mahindra Max launch.


January 29, 2012

The new Mahindra Max series of tractors were designed with a full-length tractor frame and a heavy-duty 3 point hitch which allows for the best in class lift capacity. Learn more about the usability of the Max tractors that allows customers a wide range of attachments and implements including a drive over mower, snow blower, blade and broom.


January 28, 2012

Our New Mahindra Max series of tractors is raising the bar in terms of performance. Learn more about how Mahindra USA designed the Max to exceed customers expectations with true tractor performance and capabilities.

Mahindra Max Serviceability

January 27, 2012

Learn more about how we have developed the most accessible, user-friendly line of Max tractors.

The Value of the New Max Series from Mahindra USA goes well beyond the sale of the tractor. It is designed for Ease of Use for Maintenance and Serviceability.

Mahindra Max Versatility

January 26, 2012

Learn more about how we have developed Max Versatility.

The New Max Series from Mahindra USA is one of the most revolutionary, versatile, easy-to-use and dynamic Sub-Compact tractors – learn why from one of Mahindra’s product specialists.

Mahindra Max is coming...

January 24, 2012

Mahindra is extremely proud to introduce the most revolutionary sub-compact tractor ever built.

The Mahindra Max Series will soon turn the sub-compact industry upside down. No other competitor delivers this much Mahindra Max Value, Mahindra Max Performance, Mahindra Max Maneuverability, or Max Versatility.

Stay tuned in the days ahead as we continue to release more feature videos and content about the Mahindra Max.



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